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How to Make More Money by Live Streaming?

Live Streaming videos can be rewarding in many ways. They can help one get personal satisfaction, express their creativity to the world, and provide information and getting a point across. It can also be rewarding in very simple way: it … Read More

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10 ways by which Digital India will affect Non-Metro Cities

On July 1, 2015, the country’s prime minister launched the Digital India program. The Governments ambitious “Digital India’ aims on digitally connecting the metropolitan cities with the now- metropolitan cities and change India into a connected knowledge economy. By the … Read More

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Digital India 101

Digital India is a campaign that the Government of India launched so as to ensure that all their citizens are able to access government services electronically. This is a mammoth project which has been undertaken for improving the infrastructure of … Read More

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Types of IoT Devices

                 Types Of IOT Types of IOT are listed below are some must have devices if you are a Gadget Freak:   1.Single Board Computer Single Board Computers are definitely one of the … Read More

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What is IoT ?

IoT is an abbreviation for the Internet of Things, it could very well be the next generation of computing with the sheer amount of new products that are under development in addition to those that are already on the market. … Read More

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The hottest iOS live streaming Apps you need to try now !

The live streaming apps give flexibility to the viewers to take a part in an occasion as though they were there, whether it’s a ritzy show or just somebody showing off their neighborhood. Thanks to technology we can now transmit videos … Read More

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India’s Biggest Problems with Telemedicine And How We Can Fix It

    India’s healthcare system ranked at a dismal 112 out 190 countries in a survey conducted by the World Health Organization. Lack of proper fund allocation is one of the primary reasons for such a dismal ranking, India allocates … Read More

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internet on the go

Internet On The Go -ZifiLink- High Speed Cellular Bonding Router

The Internet on the go has become a necessity now. We need the internet to get traffic updates from google or directions to drive to a new place. Connectivity in cabs or local shuttle services does help to keep the … Read More

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Best Internet Connection for your Video Streaming or for your office

Often, when multiple options are available, making a decision becomes really difficult that which is the best internet connection for video streaming. This article helps you to understand the features available across a Single cellular network connection Vs ZifiLink 3x … Read More

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watchy technical support

How to Reach out to the Watchy Technical Support Team

Email and contact number of Watchy technical support team are  support@zifilink.com & +919590114040. Easily available from Watchy Technical Support dashboard ZifiLink dashboard URL printed on the box – if you are connected via LAN, or if you are connected via … Read More

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